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Payment Term.

Loan periodLoan interest
Advance fee
6 months1,9 %30 %
12 months1,9 % 
24 months2,0 % 
36 months2,2 % 

Advance fee: 30%
Acceptance fee: 1%
Loan amount: up to 100,000 USD
Loan period: up to 36 months
Collateral property: The vehicle bought by loan
Requirements for borrower:
Borrower shall have sufficient income in order to meet requirements of the NBFI and loan repayments according to the repayment schedule,
Borrower and co-borrower shall not have any past due loans,
Borrower shall work for existing organization/company regularly, will continue to work permanently and shall be of steady employment at existing place of work for at least the past 6 months,
If borrower generates business revenue, it must have been existed steadily for at least the past 1 year
Shall be insured for car and driver’s insurances which is suggested by Nonbank Financial Institiution
Ability to pay advance fee
Required documentation for borrower and co-obligor:
Loan application/Passport size photo – 1 copy (not older than 6 months)
Identification card or notarized copy (for borrower and co-obligor)
Social Insurance Passbook or notarized copy (for borrower and co-obligor)
Work statement (Salary reference, active years and position held)
If borrower generates business revenue: Documents evidencing income such as financial documents, business income and operational activities, and bank statement, Special operating license and business brief introduction
Shall be able to finance advance payment required by the NBFI,
Residence statement
Signature verification of borrower
Payment order document of 30% of total amount
Required documentation for organization
Personal ID of CEO/Director of notarized copy
Loan application/Passport size photo – 1 copy (not older than 6 months)
State registration certificate and rule of business entity (notarized copy)
Approval from authority of the company (such as Board or Shareholders, CEO or Director)
Last 1 year account and financial statement from bank
Documents evidencing income (such as financial documents, renting income, special operating license)
Signature verification of authority who is illegible to sign on the agreement
Payment order document of 30% of total amount
Business brief introduction
"Tavanbogd Finance NBFI" LLC
Chingis avenue, Volkswagen center Telephone: 11-345-226, 9400-1090, 9410-0199